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WIS National Road Show | Session Three - Shared screen with speaker view
Rena Padman
We mustn't forget that employers can do this of their own volition (good on CBUS for doing it) and employees (who feel comfortable doing so) can ask for it. The more employers who follow CBUS example, the more the employers who don't look like outliers.
Jess Cossens
Hear hear!
Jess Cossens
There's a fantastic economic and ethical case for improving gender equality. The challenge is overcoming the cultural inertia.
Rena Padman
I'm heartened by younger men who take parental leave. My generation were too nervous to take it, I think. I think they thought it marked them out as not serious about their work.
Lilly Hannock
For anyone interested, you can read our report in full here https://www.industrysuper.com/assets/FileDownloadCTA/Paying-super-on-parental-leave-How-governments-and-employers-can-help-reduce-the-gender-gap-in-super.pdf